The History of Locksmithing


2000 B.C. ~ 2000 A.D.

Paintings inside Egyptian pyramids give details of complex locks used 2000 years before Christ was born. The principles they used are still the basis for many of the more sophisticated locks of this millennium.

Every civilisation in history has understood the need for security in the form of locks, to protect life and property. Religion and mythology attest to the role locks and keys played in early recorded history.

The Babylonian god Marduk was said to have made the gates and keys to Heaven. Hecate carried the keys to the universe, according to the Greeks, and Athena carried the keys of her city Athena. In Mathew, Jesus said to Peter: “And I will give unto thee the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven”

Locks are an essential part of life today, and should not be thought of as a current, or future, necessity because of the deterioration of society. Even cave men rolled rocks across the entrances of their caves. In truth Locksmithing has been acknowledged as the second oldest profession on Earth. Locks and the role of the locksmith have changed with time. Locksmiths now rarely make locks but are part mechanic, part engineer, part carpenter, part electrician and part security consultant. They sell and fit locks, cut keys, open, repair and replace locks, give security advice, fit CCTV and electronic entry systems, supply and work on safes and car locks. Locksmiths who are members of the British Locksmiths Institute, and approved by the Master Locksmiths Association, are highly skilled and can be trusted.

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